Founding Director // Carla Southan

Carla's vision for RAWK originates from her extensive experience within the hair industry...

Within her career Carla has been fortunate to have worked in Film and television, in the Hair and makeup department, New Zealand Fashion week; and a hairdressing Tutor and Assessor. 

Carla cherishes her time working with some of the industry greats, in some of the top opulent award-winning salons in Auckland, her last residence with Stephen Marr Hair. 


Creative Director // Belinda Maxwell


Belinda is a power house of energy and delivery for each and every client that sits in her chair, she has an intent drive to really get to know her clientele and how to break style boundaries of bringing the real personality out through their hair. You are what you wear;

Hairdressing is more than just hair for Belinda its the feel good factor, the skip in her clients step. this philosophy is evident in her craft.

hairdresser 1.png

Creative Senior // Suzanne Beatson


Suzanne being Toni and Guy trained brings an International knowledge of her craft, working alongside industry legends progressed this artist to who she is today, to watch her conducting her craft as she studies  and shapes each of her clients lengths is like watching a oil painting come to life, Suzanne has a intense passion for perfection.

brooke 2.jpg

Balayage Specialist Senior // Brooke Cathcart-Young


Brooke is the quintessential hair artist, the thought, the listening skills, the planning, every part of the process of her craft is envisioned to excel in every hair creation. 

Brooke has an insatiable passion for Balayage, her accomplishment of studying the Balayage art-form has graduated her skill level to perfect the placement of colour as if it naturally flows.

Her Knowledge of hair care to assist her Balayage art is at optimum level, Brooke educates her guests to ensure their colour is always lasting to a premium.


Creative Senior // Tammy French


Tammy is a creative visionary of hairdressing.

Having been trained by some of the industry greats this amazing talented stylist has had a phenomenal career, from winning hairdressing accolades to working on NZ fashion week, styling Royal company to Celebrities.

Her passion is precision cuts and is driven by the jubilation of seeing shape and form come alive as a sculpture of hair starts to take place, no strand is left out of place, Creating a clients personality through her craft is her drive.

Tammy has an amazing passion for the craft that she enjoys very much for the past 19 years.


Colour Technician // Jordyn Omeara

Jordyn  is a dedicated team member , she dedicates her authenticity to our craft and loves spending time with our guests.

As soon as you are in Jordyn's presence you will know you are being cared for with her attention to detail of her hospitality within the studio.

Jordyn is a caring soul and just adores pampering the guests one of her famous head massages, if you are coming for relaxation our Jordyn will pamper your cares away. 



Colour Technician // Miah McMurtie


Miah  is a diamond that has always wanted to be a hairdresser since she was just a twinkle in her mothers eye, she brings with her to the team a passion a dedication and eye for the hairdressing craft, when you meet this young stylist you will not just be intrigued, but fascinated to see such perfection and dedication to client satisfaction.

Miah enjoys studying fashion trends and how the hair trends evolve, her curiosity is an asset to her craft.